Calvin is a design systems creator. Creating brand, visual, product, and design systems—with an entrepreneur’s heart and two fingers of whiskey. In the end, Calvin’s a graphic designer, contemporary art director, and visual storyteller out of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Complexity is good—it means there are many aspects to consider, many perspectives to incorporate and, ultimately, many opportunities to explore.


Craft design platforms at Dave. Aiming to level up the financial playing field, Calvin sets the art direction of Dave’s brand, marketing and products—making the digital banking sector a bit more human.


Helmed and elevated designers, engineers, and program leads through the brand and design system at Meta Portal—helping people to feel more connected anytime, anywhere.


Pursuing what’s beyond the edge—intent on meaningfully capturing the human experience. An entrepreneur at heart, Calvin takes a service-based design approach to investing in and building out the cultures he claims.

News & recent wins

Introducing Meta store


Meta’s first store opens, aiming to allow folks to get hands-on experience with all of their hardware products.

Joined Dave


Asked to help grow the design team and envision the future of the design platforms at Dave. #DavetheBear

Introducing Ray-Ban® Stories


Meta's first-generation smart glasses that let you capture photos and videos, take phone calls and listen to music.

Celebrate the Holidays with Portal


New AR and entertainment features make calls more fun while Facebook's digital assistant on Portal becomes available for use in new ways.

Introducing two new Portals


Brought Portal to market with a number of new releases enabling people to connect with those they hold close.

Windows 11 release


Windows shipped its 11th OS update containing foundational features Calvin developed as a leader in their Microsoft Design Direction team.

#MothersWeek with Portal


Portal celebrates #MothersWeek because one day isn’t enough to acknowledge all that mothers do.

Bringing Zoom to Meta Portal


Features enable Zoom to extend to the largest screen in your home so you can work from your couch as well as your desk.

Portal TV release


Meta takes smart video calling to the big screen with PortalTV just after bringing Calvin on to increase quality and craftsmanship.

Microsoft Fluent design


Microsoft created a department to symphonize design across its pillars following Calvin’s product envisioning work within its product spaces.

Microsoft Hololens 2


Microsoft hones its response to augmented reality with HoloLens 2, taking direction from Calvin's UX and design visioning.

Windows 10 release


Microsoft releases Windows 10 after a successful design sprint with Calvin and a select few who shape a novel, defining step in Windows’ OS.

Calvin's journey
"Icarus wasn't failing as he fell—but just coming to the end of his triumph."
Design platforms creation
Brought into the fintech space, Calvin rose to the challenge of building a team of designers to not only speak for the brand, but for the design direction of Dave.
Director of Design Platforms
The beginnings of Metaspace
Noting Meta's new focus into the Metaspace's future, Calvin's unique positioning allowed him to begin the discussion of cross-visual system alignment throughout Reality Lab.
Visual Systems Founder
AR/VR strategies in the Metaspace
As Reality Labs began to gather the brightest cross-disciplinary minds to build tools that help people feel connected, Calvin worked to ensure the team’s cross-functional cohesion.
Design Systems Founder
Launching, shipping, and celebrating!
With the goal of launching an enhanced PortalTV, Calvin positioned the Portal team to think bigger and ask the question, "What is the new standard for augmented reality communications?"
Art Director
Microsoft Fluent design
Locking in the foundations that set the design direction for Microsoft, Calvin took a critical role in ensuring that its burgeoning design system was successfully adopted across its product spaces.
Art Director
Hololens 2 release
HoloLens launched following Calvin's contributions, which centered envisioning how far Microsoft could push forward within the augmented reality space.
UI and Systems Designer
Microsoft artificial intelligence
Realizing the benefits of having a connected AI system on the same OS as its other products, Calvin charted Microsoft’s path to that goal.
Product Designer
Xbox Design Labs announcement
Xbox's brand team requested help in creating a vision for the world release of their product launch that allowed customers to create a personalized Xbox Wireless Controller.
Xbox Design Labs identity
A prerequisite of Microsoft’s product launch, Calvin delivered the visual identity for Xbox’s customizable wireless controllers.
Windows 10 release
Windows 10 OS releases on time with the help of the design system rebuild Calvin and a special set of partners created.
Product Designer
Envisioning the future of design
Calvin jumped into the thick of envisioning with Microsoft's leaders to shape a cohesive design direction that extended across products and offerings.
Visual Systems Designer
Launching Xbox One
As a key product systems designer, Calvin worked hand-in-hand reviving Xbox into the gaming space after a decade-long pause in Microsoft's gaming console offering.
Product Designer
Brand design systems
Brand design and other goods at HermanMiller.
Brand Designer
Graphic design
Finding his footing in the space of giants, Calvin pursued a path of learning to develop his opinion of what design means.
Design Apprentice