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Design Platforms Lead, Dave Inc.
Visual System Director, Meta Portal
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Art Director, Meta Portal
Product Designer, Microsoft's Fluent
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Hey—I’m Calvin, a Black Multidisciplinary Design Director and Design Strategist working locally in the Milky Way Galaxy for a bit over 12 years.
  • Design Strategist
  • Design Director
  • Design Thinker
  • Systems Advocate
  • Brand Storyteller
  • Digital and Product Designer
  • Identity Design
  • Guideline and Playbooks
  • Packaging and Print
  • Home Barista
I've come to understand—in order to achieve a decisive yet flexible approach to design, you must build a life of design cases. Case Studies scaling the subtle and loud aspects of life. Giving opportunities to draw on your abilities to gain a holistic understanding of people, relationships, and the systems that drive our decision—underlying or conscious.
My practice [process]
The process is as important as the final result.
Create a coherent narrative and tell a story. A good story.
Read a room towards developing a constructive conversations.
Think broadly to create a realistic project plan with key contributors.
Ideate. Create. Hypothesize. Test. Iterate.
Since day one of design and business school, I’ve been exploring solutions to problems—grand and small. Whether it's offering a point for discussion or providing a strategic, executable plan—always thinking of how to make the process better. I’m a problem-solver at heart, advocating for continued personal growth based on insightful planning.
When not working, I can be found traveling to a new destination, figuring out how something works—or you may find me enjoying a coffee date with someone outside my profession—collecting a new superpower. 🎉
For a living
All in all, I serve as a strategist and director of design—leading teams of fellow strategists, producers, and designers. During my time navigating through design, I’ve subscribed to a leadership model known as ‘X-Shaped’. X-shaped leaders are known to work less on their original expertise as they evolve into management and leadership positions and begin to work more with strategy and people.
Service Design
I believe the capacity within ourselves and our organizations need to bridge the gap between current capacity and future possibilities—often framed as innovation design. The future of the world's services lies in activating core capabilities among staff to ensure we’re able to adopt the next generation of service designer thinking to our organizations.
As the Lead of Design Platforms on the Dave's design leadership team, we're aiming to level-up the financial playing field within Digital Banking Sector. Milestones include defining, building-out, and investing back into our design foundations. All efforts are towards making digital banking a bit more human.
Previously leading designers, engineers, and program leads through Brand and Design Systems at Meta Portal—making people feel connected, anytime, anywhere.
Visioning pursuits across product teams at Microsoft with their in-house studio team Fluent Design, Xbox Design and AI systems.
All in the pursuit of capturing diverse and meaningful ways we consider what's beyond the horizon ahead. As an entrepreneur at heart, I bring a holistic service design approach to building and investing in the cultures I’m called to be a part of.
AC—D* Office
California, USA
Earth—Milky Way